Member Services

NMEFEN promotes the interests of micro businesses at a national level. Our organizational structure is:

  1. National Micro-Entrepreneurs Federation Nepal, (NMEFEN) at National Level
  2. District Micro-Entrepreneurs Group Association, (DMEGA) at District Level
  3. Micro-Entrepreneurs Group Association, (MEGA) VDC/Market Center Level
  4. Micro-Entrepreneurs Group (MEG) at Settlement Level
  5. Micro Entrepreneurs (MEs) at Individual Level.

NMEFEN provides services to member DMEGAs and through them to micro-entrepreneurs (MEs). These services includes:

  • Marketing support to enable MEs to access markets beyond their local district
  • Support for MEs to attend Exhibitions and Trade Fairs in Kathmandu
  • Training and advice about packaging and labelling, product quality improvement, and supply chain management
  • Training and advice to enable MEs to access micro finance for their businesses
  • Information and advice about appropriate technology that can improve their business processes
  • Training in skills relevant to business and organization management
  • Training in advocacy and organisational development.