The National Micro Entrepreneurs Federation Nepal was proud to host a stall at the Fashion Revolution Nepal Expo hosted at Evoke Cafe in Jhamiskhel on Saturday the 29th of April  and to present our micro-entrepreneur products at the fashion show hosted at Moskh on the Sunday.

NMEFEN showcased fashion and textile products proudly Made in Nepal, Made by ME (Micro Entrepreneurs) and we were overjoyed at the positive responses of the people attending the expo. It was truly inspiring to see a shared, international commitment to fair and ethical trade practices in the fashion and garment industries as well as commitments to environmental sustainability,  workplace safety and transparency in supply chains in the fashion industry.

NMEFEN shares this commitment, being the peak body which is made up of micro-entrepreneurs, many who are working with fibers, textiles, fashion, garments and accessories. When asked #whomademyclothes, NMEFEN is in the unique position of having a profoundly personal relationship with producers, manufacturers and distributors and their communities.

Check out this video to see more!