Agro & Forest Products

Allo fibre is extracted from Allo sisnu, a species of the giant stinging nettle Girdardina Diversifolia, which is a perennial wild plant that grows at an altitude of between 900 and 2,500 metres above sea level. The Allo fibre is harvested each year in autumn from the bark of the Allo sisnu plant. One year old shoots from the plant are cut and dried and the bark is peeled and cooked to extract the fibre, while the inner system left after the bark is removed is used for firewood. The fibre is then made into yarn, which can be dyed and woven into fabric using handlooms. ... [more]
Bio- briquettes are a bio-fuel substitute for coal and charcoal. With health reports revealing the harmful effects of cooking smoke and deforestation threatening the environment, safe and efficient fire fuels are in growing demand. Pine charcoal briquettes are one of the most popular new fuels available, thanks to their convenience, effectiveness and environmental friendliness. ... [more]