Organic & Herbal Products

In today’s health-conscious and environmentally-concerned world, herbal soaps made using ancient medicinal knowledge and traditions, are being rediscovered by consumers who are just as concerned with what goes onto their bodies as what goes into them. In Nepal, soap made using oil from Chyuri, also known as the butter tree, and Neem have become renowned for their medicinal properties as well as their lower environmental impact. ... [more]
An essential part of many religious ceremonies and a familiar element of household life, the heady scents of incense are widely considered synonymous with Asia. The importance of incense in Nepali culture is no exception, and Nepali entrepreneurs’ recent success in producing a quality range of unique scents comes as no surprise. ... [more]
Nettle (also known as Stinging Nettle) powder is made from a plant growing wild in forest areas. Like dandelion, this could be mistaken for a weed unless you know its amazing properties – it is a great health boosting herb. Its health benefits have been well-known to Nepali people for many years. Nettle powder is very popular product from our micro entrepreneurs. ... [more]